Man uncovers shocking family secret after taking at-home DNA test

A 27-year-old man discovered he was the second oldest of 31 siblings after taking a DNA test.

Man uncovers shocking family secret after taking at-home DNA test

A 27-year-old man who thought he was an only child discovered he was actually the second oldest of 31 siblings after taking an ancestry test.

"It's the craziest thing that could ever happen to anyone, you know?" Andy Torrey told WHAM.

Torrey, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, first revealed in a TikTok that he was suspicious after the DNA tests he bought for him and his family came back and revealed he was only partly French and English when his father told him he was "mostly French/English."

Torrey said while his parents knew he was taking the DNA test, neither of them actually gave him a "heads up" that he was conceived with a sperm donor.

"I bought the AncestryDNA kits for them for Christmas and they didn't give me a heads up, so I literally found out this information less than a week ago," Torrey told In The Know. "I always thought it was bizarre that I was much more extroverted, taller and [more] musically inclined than really any of my family on either side, but I never expected this."

Torrey told WHAM that he's always wanted siblings, and he was welcomed with open arms into the unconventional family.

"I have essentially been on FaceTime 10 hours a day for 4 days straight getting to know as many of [my siblings] as possible, and it has been the most incredible honor and experience of my life to be a part of this group," he told In the Know. "The degree to which many of us clicked immediately was uncanny. I woke up a week ago thinking I was an only child, and now I'm the second oldest of 31."

Many of the siblings already knew they were related through the same father because of sperm donation, and have an Instagram page called Paper Plane Society.

In his TikTok, Torrey said he found them after googling the name of his father and coming across a photo of him "partying in Mexico" with 15 of his siblings.

Torrey joked that once he was added to the family group chat, he made it clear he was going to the next vacation.

The siblings are spread out all across the world.

Lindsay Wrobel, one of the siblings, told WHAM she was the 20th to find out and join the group and that she never gets tired of meeting new siblings.

"Whenever I meet a new sibling, it never feels like I'm talking to a stranger. It feels like I'm talking to somebody I've known my whole life, like an old friend, I just haven't seen you in a couple of years and there's just this immediate, like, recognition," Wrobel said.

Torrey told In the Know that his dad was concerned their relationship would change once he found out he wasn't his biological father.

"I reassured [my dad] that this doesn't change our relationship and that we are still a family, and he was very emotional and grateful," Torrey said. "I really think both my parents were mostly worried that I would look at my social dad differently."