Lindt Set To Open Willy Wonka-Style Chocolate Museum Tour

Attraction due to open on 13 September

Lindt Set To Open Willy Wonka-Style Chocolate Museum Tour

Lindt is launching a chocolate museum to offer fans of the brand a unique insight into how its iconic sweet treats are made.

Opening on 13 September, Lindt’s “Home of Chocolate” seems to take its cues from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory in Roald Dahl’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The attraction features the world’s highest free-standing chocolate fountain, which measures at just over nine metres high.

The chocolate fountain will see 1,000 litres of melted chocolate flow from a ginormous hovering whisk and will descend to cover a giant Lindor ball.

The attraction will also feature plenty of information on the origins of Lindt and where it sources its chocolate from.

It took 36 months to construct the Home of Chocolate, which is located in Keilberg near Zurich.

Chocolate courses will also take place inside the attraction, which will also include the largest Lindt boutique in the world.

There will be a “Chocolate History” room in addition to a “Swiss Pioneers’” room that shows visitors how Switzerland became known for its chocolate.

For fans of Lindt’s famous Lindor balls, there are also photo booths that come in the shape of one of the brand’s iconic sweet treats.