Date Night In

If you’re looking for at home date night ideas to enjoy with your significant other when going out isn’t an choice, here are 11 options to help you get creative:

Date Night In

1. Fine dining at home

Cook a delicious meal together, put on your fanciest cocktail attire, light some candles, dim the lights, and transform your living room into your very own restaurant.

2. Chocolate fondue

If you don’t already own a fondue maker, you’re missing out. You can use it with cheese, broth, oil, or chocolate, and it works for intimate date nights at home while also doubling as a good appetizer or dessert option when entertaining.

3. Conversation starters

There are tons of great games you can buy or find on the internet that are centered around providing conversation starters, and this is a great option if you’re looking for romantic things to do at home. 

4. Kissing

Oftentimes we get caught up in the busy-ness of our lives that we don’t take the time to connect with our partners, and while date night often ends in a pretty predictable way (nudge nudge, wink wink!), a little teasing can be fun. Pull your SO into a deep kiss at the beginning of the evening as a preview of what’s to come!

5. Re-write your wedding vows

Or, if you aren’t married, you can write love letters to one another.

6. Take a bubble bath together

Turn your bathroom into a spa with some tea lights, an aromatherapy diffuser, a bottle of your favorite wine, and some bubble bath.

7. Give each other a massage

The perfect thing to do after a bubble bath is to give each other a massage, and your favourite oil will help take things up a notch.

8. Adult poker

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! :)

9. Romantic movie night

While it’s always great to get away from Netflix and do something TOGETHER as a couple on date nights, sometimes curling up on the couch with a Nicholas Sparks movie is just what the doctor ordered.

10. Dancing

While we often pump the tunes and dance like crazy people with our kids, co-workers, or while driving in the car, another idea to consider if you’re looking for romantic things to do at home is to put on some lovey-dovey music and dance together. Yes, it sounds corny, but if you keep an open mind and embrace the silliness of it all, it can be extremely fun while also allowing for closeness and connection.

11. Star gazing

If you have the possibility, sit outside on your balcony, back deck, or front porch – or lie on the grass in your backyard – and watch the stars while holding hands.